Monday, 6 January 2014

CQA/ACC National Juried Show and Conference

Dates: June 11 - 14
Location: Niagara, Ontario, Brock University

Call For Entry date: Feb. 1, 2014

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Abstracted in La Conner

The Fibre Art Network presents:

La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum

your are invited!
Artist Reception October 19 at 1:00     

Opening October 10 - running until December 29, 2013

The museum is located in the historic Gaches Mansion 
in the charming town of La Conner
(15 minutes from Anacortes, near Whidbey Island

FAN produces two shows each year: one 25-30 pieces for guilds and smaller gallery space and one larger show for a larger gallery.  These shows are available for exhibition at galleries and guilds.

Below is a taste from the show: 40 artists working in pairs and 44 art pieces.
The first partner works in a realistic representation and the partner's piece is abstracted from  that piece.

The bright little houses in Newfoundland
Colours to Live By - Marianne Parsons
Colours to Live By - Karen Johnson

The Bald Eagle of our Western Shores
Master of the Skies - Carol Seeley
Master of the Skies - Judy Villett

Memories of Travel:
Barcelona Fruit Stand - Judy Leslie
Barcelona Fruit Stand - Robin Fischer

The Glory of  Flowers!
Hawaiian Beauty - Leslie Forbes
Hawaiian Beauty - Viviian Kapusta
A blog is coming with all the photos:

A furry visitor!

We had a young bear wander through our back yard at about 9:30 in the morning.

He returned a few days later, climbed one of the oak trees and tumbled out ... breaking a few branches on the way down. The acorns are a great high protein snack!

FAN retreat 2013

The Fibre Art Network meets once a year in the fall. This group guides the activity and growth of the group. This year it was at 'The Haven' on Gabriola Island, across from Naniamo on Vancouver Island.

Each year about 1/3 of the members attend ... we move to a different location each year ... so we are renewing friendships while we make a name card.

Our challenge this year was to bring and exchange a page size art piece.
Looking out from the Haven.
We meet in small groups to discuss specific issues.

It rained most of the time ... but, we did get out in the sunshine on the last day.

Many cultures are represented in the gardens.
Our cabin.
The woods are damp and mossy.

Where the ferry comes in there is a channel with interesting formations.

Seaweed floats from it's bulb. Starfish and jellyfish are plentiful.
Interesting reflections.
Sandstone cliffs erode ... leaving a skeleton rock.
An old tree spirit.

A great time with friends!

Ferry ride to Nanaimo

La Conner Quilt Festival 2013

So ... I've graduated to hiking boots and a cane assist!

The Quilt Festival 2013 in La Conner was the best yet!

More than a Memory was a masterpiece, it won first in Tacoma and also Best of Show in La Conner. A little girl sits under a tree and reads. Animals from the story peak out from stitching in the forest.
More Than a Memory by Kathy McNeil of Tulalip, Washington. 
A surprise for me, my entry, Kauai'i Gold won second in Masters Original Design Abstract Pictorial Wallquilt. It is based on my photo of a beach as a storm roars in and splits the sky turning the ocean to gold.

Meanwhile, back at the Gaches Mansion (La ConnerQuilt and Texile Museum) there were two interesting shows: Regina Benson

Much of the work is silk in silk or rayon. The pieces are large and would be amazing in a public space. Regina dyes and discharges with some rust exposure.

felted wool

This was one of my favorites, depicting primitive symbols.
On the upper floor, Kaleidoscope, Fiber Embroideries by Liz Whitney Quigard

A unique show!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Summer snaps ...

Dragonflies and tadpoles ... local wildlife and the Secret Garden!

Baby Hummingbird ... we have a family that returns every year.
Our summer twins!
Dragonflies are a symbol of Long Life!

scary little guy!
My summer was a strange one ... I broke my ankle ... dislocated and compound fracture!

Quilters do it with drama ... eight quilty friends and I went on a 3 day get-a-way on Pitt Lake. The lake is a long and narrow with no roads, the only access is by boat. The cabin was a bit rustic, but warm and welcoming. We had a great time: sun printing, stenciling, hand work and a lot of laughing. We hiked, feasted and went on a boat excursion to the end of the lake. the photos of native petroglyphs, towering cliffs covered in lichen and moss are all inspiration for future quilt art. 

A wonderful time was had by all! Until ... I slipped in a wet step and broke my ankle. Nothing funny about that, we had to call 911 to get the Maple Ridge Search and Rescue to pick me up. Here is the stranger than fiction part. Our guild had a quilt show in May and we earned $1800 on our raffle quilt. This we donated to the M.R. search and Rescue and this was their largest donation ever. So, as you can imagine, I received excellent care. I was their first rescue in their new boat. As we pulled away, a large bucket of homemade chocolate chip cookies were passed to the seven young men in the rescue crew. The rain clouds parted for the 30 minute trip, an ambulance was waiting to take me to the hospital. 

The diagnosis: compound fracture and 12 weeks with no weight on my foot. Those of you who know me understand what a challenge that is. Friends have made it easier with visits and emails to distract me. My husband is doing a great job of spoiling me. It could be worse!

Moral of the story? Take care and watch your step! Sent from my beautiful courtyard where I sit and watch the roses bloom. Perhaps it was time for me to slow down and smell the roses.
the cast ... temporary ... before the operations